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The Sims 4 ruined the franchise

I own every main series Sims game, except the Sims 4. My first game, the Sims 3, I got a few months before the release of the Sims 4. I knew it was coming out. I knew everyone was hyped. I thought it looked bad compared to the other Sims games. So now the Sims 3 is one of my favorite games. When I got the Sims, I noticed that the Sims 4 had taken the same map view, make tons of families and place them all. And when I got the Sims 2, I noticed how it had the same cartoony look about it. It took a lot of inspiration from those games. But not enough I feel from the Sims 3. I don't completely hate the game. Why, when I played it on Origin for 2 days, I liked the multitasking and how the customization is improved a lot. But the game has many flaws. Why did we have to wait for a patch to get swimming pools, but violins were always there? What happend to create-a-style, a thing that I personally loved? What happened to a whole open ended world were you could build and explore anywhere? And what did they do to the traits? Now Sims can only have 4 traits, one decided on their lifetime wish! Even the Sims and the Sims 2 personality bars were better! And most of all, what happened to toddlers and babies. The Sims had babies, but they were more or less objects that you could not control. The Sims 2 added toddlers, and they were great. You could make them in create a sim and teach them. Even babies were improved to actually be Sims, not objects. The Sims 3 improved on the aspect and kept the toddlers and babies the same. But the Sims 4 took a leaf out of the Sims 1 book and made babies objects and removed toddlers. Why. Just why. Toddlers had always been big. But what annoys me even more than all that, is that some items need to be unlocked. Not get this expansion locked, you got to do something to unlock. So avid builders will have to play the game for a while just to get some items, when they probably just want to build an awesome house. Some people may like it, but it just reminds me of the Sims Freeplay. Even Birthday banners have to be unlocked! And why is their a cupcake machine! This game, while trying to be good, just is not a sims game to me. It has goals, trying to unlock things, and feels more like a game than a "Sims" game. Sims games have few goals, open ended possibilities and more, and furniture does not have to be unlocked to be used. So that's why the Sims 4 just ruined the franchise. That's just my opinion though. This might have been your first Sims game and really good to you. You may think the others are bad. But some will (hopefully) agree with me now that I pointed out a few major flaws. But criticize me all you like, I'm not changing my mind . Oh wait, I thought of another thing. Alternate Universe allows us to bring everyone back badly, and now the Caliente sisters have a new mother that came out of nowhere. Is she that universe's Nighat? We may never know...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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