Detective Jennifer Baxter looked out of the window. She dreamed. She liked to dream. Her phone ringed. ,,Baxter, we need your help. Samantha Taylor has been killed. Hurry up! Drive to Sim Lane." ,,OK," was Jennifer's answer. She took her new car and rushed to Sim Lane. Samantha Taylor was the star of Twinbrook, who could want to possibly kill her? thought Baxter. Her boss, Charlie Hampston, was already there. ,,Jennifer, we need you to call her husband and unfortunately tell the sad news," said Charlie. ,,Isn't it already in the news?" asked Jennifer. ,,No, it's a fresh murder. Delilah Vines found Samantha infront of her house." ,,Did you question her?" Jennifer wanted to know. ,,Yes I have." ,,OK then." Jennifer took her mobile out and called Samantha's husband, Daniel Taylor. ,,Hello, is this Daniel Taylor?" asked Jennifer. ,,Yes, it is," said with a low voice Daniel. ,,Mr.Taylor... your wife has been murdered." ,,Oh no! I'll be there right away," said mr. Taylor and dropped the phone.

When mr. Taylor drived to the crime scene, Jennifer realized that he killed his wife and arrested him.


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