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September 6, 2014
  • MisterSims4

    Big Sims Brother

    September 6, 2014 by MisterSims4

    These are the contestants of the first season of Big Sims Brother!

    Theresa Harrigan is a 22-year-old Simwoman originally from Sunset Valley. She's flirty, outgoing and sweet, but she has commitment issues. Theresa is a tattoed chick that signed up for Big Sims Brother in order to start a new life with 100 000 simoleons in her pocket.

    William White is a 26-year-old Simman originally living in Pleasentview. He's nice and sweet, but loves adventures. He's currently single and a WooHoo or two sounds like something he might consider if he met the right girl. Will or Willy wanted to be on Big Sims Brother to have fun.

    Louise Carson is a 24-year-old Simwoman who was born and bred in Oasis Springs. She knows what she wants and is never afraid to go aft…

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  • MisterSims4

    About this blog

    September 6, 2014 by MisterSims4

    This blog is written by me, Mister Sims4. I'm a Sims-freak and a reality-freak, so I'm going to mix the two into possibly several "Sims Reality"-shows. I'll post on YouTube as well on the Mister Sims-channel on this link:

    The first experiment will be "Big Sims Brother".

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