These are the contestants of the first season of Big Sims Brother!

Theresa Harrigan is a 22-year-old Simwoman originally from Sunset Valley. She's flirty, outgoing and sweet, but she has commitment issues. Theresa is a tattoed chick that signed up for Big Sims Brother in order to start a new life with 100 000 simoleons in her pocket.

William White is a 26-year-old Simman originally living in Pleasentview. He's nice and sweet, but loves adventures. He's currently single and a WooHoo or two sounds like something he might consider if he met the right girl. Will or Willy wanted to be on Big Sims Brother to have fun.

Louise Carson is a 24-year-old Simwoman who was born and bred in Oasis Springs. She knows what she wants and is never afraid to go after it, no matter who she might run over in the process. Making enemies is more important to Louise than making friends. Now she's ready to work her evil magic to win 100 000 simoleons.

Johnny Davis is a 23-year-old Simman who was born in Miniopolis, but ended up in Willow Creek after losing his family to the Grim Reaper. Johnny lived on the street from he was a teenager until he turned 20. He survived by diving into dumpsters and selling coffee. Johnny wants to be a famous artist and sees Big Sims Brother as his chance to make it in life.

Becky Webber is a 21-year-old Simwoman who grew up on Isla Paradiso with her rich family. Becky now considers herself a rebel without a cause, but realizes that she needs to develop herself further unless she wants to be a socialite for life. She agreed to join Big Sims Brother to find herself and maybe meet some lifelong friends.

Sophia Garrison is a 20-year-old Simwoman who grew up in what she defines as a boring town; Appaloosa Plains. She felt to big for the little town and is ready to take on the world by winning Big Sims Brother. Sophia is an artistic Simwoman who dreams of becoming a painter. She's also quite handy and rarely trusts Simmen to do the repairs.

Jason Kim is a 27-year-old Simman originally from Shang Simla. He met the woman of his dreams while she was vacationing in his hometown and joined her when she returned to Bridgeport. The relationship ended badly and Jason now wants to win 100 000 simoleons in order to buy his visa.

Thornton Grey is a 25-year-old Simman who was born in Bridgeport and grew up in Willow Creek.  He's a charmer and a "bro", so he gains a lot of friends rather fast. He wanted to experience something different and that's why he wanted to be the first Big Sims Brother.