• Moogleknight24

    Sims2 VS Sims3

    January 11, 2012 by Moogleknight24

    I just reinstalled the Sims2 on my computer.

    Now I love the sims 3 but the Sims 2 has charm on it's own.

    I will list the positives and negatives in my opinion of what makes the games great.

    Sims2- I hadn't played this for so long I completely forgot about the "Personality Point" system. The customization is nice, and though the traits in 3 are good I'm not sure if they're this complex in depth. 3 should have had the traits and the points.

    Sims3- The skills were branched into more separate skills. Like creativity was made into around 8 separate skills, that was nice for variety.

    Sims2- NPCs or playable characters that were taken out. (Bring back Zombies, Aliens, Werewolves, The Social Bunny!!)

    Sims3- A complete open world to walk from your house …

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  • Moogleknight24

    I am FED UP!

    January 1, 2012 by Moogleknight24

    I am fed up with the Sims 3 store.

    I don't mind the ad feature even though it is sad what they're doing but what makes me angry...

    My sister and I share an account on the sims 3 store, and they banned us or something saying our account or persona is wrong.

    I sent an E-mail but they never responded, a message returned saying they "Didn't read it"

    So I had to make my own account to get online. But my Barnacle Bay passcode only works with one account >_> ARRRGGGHHH!!!

    So I stuck without Barnacle Bay, I could always ask my mom for money and buy it all over again except I already paid for the code at EB Games so I shouldn't have to!!

    This is unfair and stupid.

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