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Sims2 VS Sims3

I just reinstalled the Sims2 on my computer.

Now I love the sims 3 but the Sims 2 has charm on it's own.

I will list the positives and negatives in my opinion of what makes the games great.

Sims2- I hadn't played this for so long I completely forgot about the "Personality Point" system. The customization is nice, and though the traits in 3 are good I'm not sure if they're this complex in depth. 3 should have had the traits and the points.

Sims3- The skills were branched into more separate skills. Like creativity was made into around 8 separate skills, that was nice for variety.

Sims2- NPCs or playable characters that were taken out. (Bring back Zombies, Aliens, Werewolves, The Social Bunny!!)

Sims3- A complete open world to walk from your house though when I think of it, it is kind of unnessecary.

Sims2- The characters (especially the men) to me looked kind of goofy, I don't know. Just the shape of their faces and the way they grinned they just looked... weird.

Sims3- The characters looked a lot more realistic (Though I can't blame 2 for that because it's an older game so it goes without saying)

Sims2- Faster and smoother.

Sims3- Horrible Horrible loading times.

Sims2- Weather and universitys (though not all sims3 EPs are out yet so I shouldn't bring this up just yet)

Sims3- Create-a-style: This is to me the most awesome addition to the series. You can make any section of any object any style and colour you want. I can have a fridge with an orange marble door and the rest covered in carpet :D I can have a steel couch :D I can have my bed any shade or colour I literally want it to be. THIS is the reason I prefer it over the sims2 because I have never felt so much freedom in the Sims until that point.

Sims2- I actually haven't finished installing all the Expansion and stuff packs yet. I still have ten to go... and I already installed 1 and several I don't even own anymore. Not counting the base game. So wayyy... too many. But it'll be worth it.

Sims3- Some Expansions I found useless. I hate traveling in the sims, and am sick of getting wants to travel or job opportunitys to travel. I can't turn them off unless I uninstall the pack. Late Night I never cared for dates or vampires. Ambitions is okay and Generations is awesome because of the tons of new interactions :)

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