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  • Musicismylife101

    I have moved all the character bios to the fanon section. From now on I will be posting there. I'm still getting used to the format so bear with me on that. Thanks!

    Here's the bios I have put up so far: Fanon:Allison McKeller Fanon:James Finnegan Fanon:Andrew Mason Fanon:Rachel Buchanan Fanon:Carl Buchanan Fanon:Audree Cardova Fanon:Bill Cardova

    Today's bio: Fanon:Mike Edwards

    I'll still use this blog to inform you of any new entries. Thanks! :)

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  • Musicismylife101

    Here's part two of the Cardova cousins! Other families that are left to introduce are the Edwards, Rodericks, McCafferys, and Wimbles. Keep an eye out for them in the future!

    Life Before The Sims Bill is a huge mystery. No known family or birthdate. There are rumors though that he was supposedly one of the kids who lived on the death lot several years ago. The kid he is believed to be lived under the name "What Shock". Though some Sims report seeing What Shock's ghost, it is not certain whether he died or not because his body was never found. When asked, Bill will neither confirm or deny it. No one really knows for sure but there is some evidence, like his clean-freak nature, might prove that they are the same Sim.

    Present Day Bill and his su…

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  • Musicismylife101

    Introducing another family! As I introduce more people, other Sim's bios may be expanded as well. As for the astrology stuff, it has nothing to do with them. I just choose random personality points. You may also notice that their birthdays do not match at all. So here's the Cardovas!

    Life Before The Sims No one really knows much about Audree except she was the only child of Beck and Gia and was born possibly on June 1 though some may say it was May 30. Audree chooses to celebrate on June. She was not very close with her parents and did not find her past interesting at all. I wish I could tell you more, but she's not interested.

    Present Day For no reason she and Bill, who says he is her distant cousin, move to Sim Lane. Audree, being the super…

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  • Musicismylife101

    So you're wondering why I'm posting another one today? Well, I promised to Rachel's bio the day before but I didn't have time to do it. So to make it up I decided to post the cute couple's bios today. Note that the children's bios says the same thing on both their pages. But don't worry, they'll have storylines of their own! With the Buchanans out of the way I plan to introduce one (or both) of the Cardova cousins tomorrow. Now here's Carl Buchanan!

    Life Before The Sims Carl Buchanan II was born to Carl and Lanie in a town in the west coast on September 7. When Carl was thirteen, his family moved to a small town, where he met Rachel Callahan, who worked at the town's only cafe. The two became fast friends. When the two started high school, …

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  • Musicismylife101

    Okay here are the Buchanans! For actual families, the character bios will be slightly different. Children will not have their own pages and will be included with the parents. There will also be a family section too. Also they may be updated if a marriage, divorce, birth, or adoption occurs. Anyway, here's Rachel Buchanan!

    Life Before The Sims Rachel was born in a small faraway town on October 31, the youngest child of Jason and Marie Callahan. Because the town was so small, Rachel knew everyone personally. Her parents own the only restaurant in town called Littletown Cafe. Rachel spent most of her childhood in there, where she learned how to cook great meals for everyone in town. Then in middle school she met Carl Buchanan, who eventually b…

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