Andrew Mason

Apologies if it seems I'm posting a lot since I started. I want to get the intros out of the way before diving into the storylines. After this one, there's six other familes (The Buchanans, Edwards, Cardovas, McCafferys, Rodericks, and Wimbles). Also children will not get their own page unless I decide to make them grow up (that is if they want to stay in Sim Lane). Keep an eye out for a new family tomorrow!

Musicismylife101/Introducing Andrew Mason!
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Andrew Mason
Meet the Roommates, three friends who hope to make to make it big in the Sim world! Can they balance their social lives with their careers? Allison, James, and Andrew are about to find out!
Name Musicismylife101/Introducing Andrew Mason!
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age 26 (adult)
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Winston and Sharlene Mason
Sibling(s) Peter (Deceased)
Romances Leila Single (Deceased)
Zodiac sign Aquarius (sign) Aquarius
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blond
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims


Life Before the Sims Andrew Mason was born on December 2, the second child of Winston and Sharlene Mason. For most of his life he lived under his older brother Peter's shadow. When Peter expanded their father's growing business, Andrew was expected to do the same. Although he and his brother get along most of the time, Andrew felt pressured by his parents to be more like him. While Peter was tight with their parents, Andrew was not. He often got in trouble and is a bit of a rebel. Then when Andrew started planning to move to Sim Lane with his roomies, Peter was killed in a freak accident. This caused a huge rift between his parents and Andrew decided to leave them for good.

Present Day Like James, Andrew also started out on business. Halfway through the job he realized that it wasn't going to work out. Sure his parents would be happy but what about him? He then switched to law enforcement where he got promoted for three days straight without sleep. Along with spending time with besties Allison and James, Andrew pursued some relationships here and there. He married Leila Single, a new neighbor who got along with everyone. The marriage was done too fast and it fell apart. Then Leila decided to visit a new neighbor. The neighbor, called Jealous Lover, trapped her in the house, killing both of them. Andrew continued to focus on his career and eventually fell for neighbor Audree Cardova.

What Lies Ahead... Andrew is currently dating Audree Cardova, a crazy and extroverted Sim. Whether that relationship will continue, I don't know. He's doing well with his job being SWAT Team Leader. Hopefully things are looking good for him.


Leila Single For a brief amount of time Andrew was married to Leila. There is nothing much to say but it probably wasn't the best decision both of them made. Now Andrew has completely moved on but no one (not even Ally or James) knows how he really feels. whatever the reason, he's probably better off now than he used to be.


Audree Cardova[[1]] Audree had always come on a little too strong for other Sims but not for Andrew! The two share a passionate relationship together. Both are a bit of a flirt but it doesn't really hurt as long as they aren't caught in the act! Sparks are flying for this one, better keep an eye on them...


Allison McKeller[[2]] The two are great friends. They like to spend time together playing chess or in the hot tub with other friends. At parties they like to dance with each other to the music. Andrew has attempted to make some moves on her only to get shot down. But he doesn't really care. As long as they're still buddies it's all good.

James Finnegan[[3]] Total bromance between the two. They are a mischievous duo who are fun to be around. Despite their different work schedules they always find time for each other. Both share interests in art and music. Parties are never dull when these two are around!

Carl Buchanan[[4]] These two love to swim together. They also enjoy talking over meals, especially ones made by Carl's wife Rachel. Both can get really enthusiastic in their conversations and they love to tell jokes to each other!

Bill Cardova[[5]] Audree's third cousin once removed. They both like to hang out in the hot tub or over a game of chess. They get along well but Andrew suspects that there might be more to him than he's letting on. In fact Bill's life is a mystery. No one knows where he came from of if he really is related to the Cardovas.