Audree Cardova

Introducing another family! As I introduce more people, other Sim's bios may be expanded as well. As for the astrology stuff, it has nothing to do with them. I just choose random personality points. You may also notice that their birthdays do not match at all. So here's the Cardovas!

Audree Cardova
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Audree and Bill Cardova
Meet the Cardovas, two cousins who no one really knows about. What is their story?
Name Audree Cardova
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age 21 (adult)
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Beck and Gia Cardova
Zodiac sign Libra (sign) Libra
Hair color TS2 Red Hair Red
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims


Life Before The Sims No one really knows much about Audree except she was the only child of Beck and Gia and was born possibly on June 1 though some may say it was May 30. Audree chooses to celebrate on June. She was not very close with her parents and did not find her past interesting at all. I wish I could tell you more, but she's not interested.

Present Day For no reason she and Bill, who says he is her distant cousin, move to Sim Lane. Audree, being the super extrovert, came across as being way too forward with some Sims. But with time, she became friends with some of them. She's a little strange in some ways but tons of fun to be around! She even got herself in some amorous relationships. Her favorite to do with other Sims is play chess. she can go on all night! But a mystery surrounds her. Especially with Bill, who is an even bigger mystery.

What Lies Ahead... Well, Audree got herself in quite a few relationships. She is a bit of a flirt but she's kind of living on the edge right now! Whether we'll get answers about her and Bill, I don't know (yet!). Whatever it is, I guess we'll have to wait and see...


Bill Cardova[[1]] He claims to be her third cousin once removed. There's a lot of stories going around but no concrete evidence. Something seems to be going on between the two but no one knows what. They have a strange relationship and it keeps getting stranger...

Heart's Desires

Andrew Mason[[2]] Unlike other Sims she first met, Andrew did not pull away when she tried to massage him. He's a bit of a flirt, though nothing like Audree. They're close and sparks are definitely flying! He's a nice enough guy but he has a bit of baggage on him. Other than that she likes him and he really likes her.

Mike Edwards He's cute but he's a single father. They both enjoy talking in the hot tub and playing chess together. They're great together but something feels off with his daughter Anna and stepson Tanner. Whatever it is, nothing will tear their relationship apart. Audree definitely feels something with him.

James Finnegan[[3]] He's funny and a total partyer! They are both very enthusiastic and love to dance! James is great and has a lot in common with Andrew. The problem is, she doesn't want to be torn between the two. Like Andrew, James seems to have some baggage too. But based on his relationships with other female Sims, she's worried that he might turn away from her.

Carl Buchanan[[4]] Another cutie. Problem is that he's married to a nice girl and they have a bunch of kids. Carl doesn't seem to respond well to Audree's moves. He tried to stay away from her at first but they got along once they knew each other. He doesn't seem to get the message that they should be together.

Richard McCaffery He's a bit younger, not to mention married with a kid. But to Audree he's the cutest nerd ever! He's so smart and geeky. Audree finds him adorable like a little puppy. He seems like he's falling for her. His wife is also young too and seems nice. Audree doesn't mind being a cradle robber.


Anna Edwards Something's up with her. Each time Audree tries to talk to her, she refuses. Maybe it's because she's seeing his father. Audree really wants to get along with her because she's so close with Mike. Whatever the reason, Anna's probably just being a moody teen.

Tanner Blue Audree feels something's up with him too. In his case, maybe he doesn't like the fact that Mike started seeing her soon after he divorced his mother. Audree tried reaching out to him too without success. Then again, he's probably a moody teen too.