Carl Buchanan

So you're wondering why I'm posting another one today? Well, I promised to Rachel's bio the day before but I didn't have time to do it. So to make it up I decided to post the cute couple's bios today. Note that the children's bios says the same thing on both their pages. But don't worry, they'll have storylines of their own! With the Buchanans out of the way I plan to introduce one (or both) of the Cardova cousins tomorrow. Now here's Carl Buchanan!

Carl Buchanan
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Carl Buchanan
Meet the Buchanans, a young couple who hope to start a family and live large in Sim Lane!
Name Carl Buchanan
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age 27 (adult)
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Carl and Lanie Buchanan
Romances Rachel Buchanan (nee Callahan)
Zodiac sign Cancer Cancer
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blond
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims


Life Before The Sims Carl Buchanan II was born to Carl and Lanie in a town in the west coast on September 7. When Carl was thirteen, his family moved to a small town, where he met Rachel Callahan, who worked at the town's only cafe. The two became fast friends. When the two started high school, they began dating. Along with being vote cutest couple, Carl was being notorious for being the star football player. When he graduated, many of the country's best schools were fighting for him. But because he loved Rachel, he turned them all down. The two married shortly after Rachel's graduation two years later. After that they moved to Sim Lane to start a new future together.

Present Day Not long after they settled in, Lana was born. They had a few financial problems at first, which worsened when their second child, Carl Jr., was born. Then their luck changed when Carl got promoted big time as an athlete. Following Lana and Carl Jr. were Shayla, Buck, and very recently, Pamela. Carl was also recently promoted to all-star, making him somewhat notable in a place like Sim Lane. With a great job and an amazing family, life is great!

What Lies Ahead... Recently Pamela was born! Whether they will have one more baby is still up for debate. Is Carl going to be an athletic star? Hopefully! The whole family is doing great. All the kids are doing very well in school and get along with everyone in the neighborhood. The future looks very bright for him!


Rachel Buchanan[[1]] The ideal wife. The two are still going very strong since their marriage. Ever since having the kids,the two have been closer than ever! People can't help but say that they're such a cute couple!

Lana Not long after moving in, Lana was born. Despite their initial financial struggles Lana managed to make the best of things. She is a great big sister and friend. When a new kid moves in, she is always the first to say hi!

Carl Jr. Named after his father and grandfather, it's not surprising that he inherited many of their qualities! Like his father Carl Jr. is a talented athlete with a super fun personality.

Shayla A sweet girl who always finds the best in everything. She likes to play with all the neighborhood kids and is always there when you need a friend. In her spare time she likes to paint pictures.

Buck Intelligent and wise beyond his years. He also has a sweet personality that people can't resist. He also loves to run around with the neighborhood kids.


Andrew Mason[[2]] One thing they both love to do is swim! They also love to talk and joke over Rachel's meals. When enthusiastic, these two can go on for hours! Maybe they should do some stand-up comedy together...That would be fun to watch!

Audree Cardova[[3]] She's nice but comes across as too forward. Audree is great to hang out with but Carl finds her a little too clingy. She tried to make some moves on him and that didn't go too well. Fortunately Audree got over it, hopefully.