Rachel Buchanan Edit

Okay here are the Buchanans! For actual families, the character bios will be slightly different. Children will not have their own pages and will be included with the parents. There will also be a family section too. Also they may be updated if a marriage, divorce, birth, or adoption occurs. Anyway, here's Rachel Buchanan!

Rachel Buchanan
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Rachel Buchanan
Meet the Buchanans, a young couple who hope to start a family and live large in Sim Lane!
Name Rachel Buchanan
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age 25 (adult)
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Jason and Marie Callahan
Sibling(s) Jeannine, Daniel, Michele, Kaitlin
Romances Carl Buchanan II
Zodiac sign Aquarius (sign) Aquarius
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims

Biography Edit

Life Before The Sims Rachel was born in a small faraway town on October 31, the youngest child of Jason and Marie Callahan. Because the town was so small, Rachel knew everyone personally. Her parents own the only restaurant in town called Littletown Cafe. Rachel spent most of her childhood in there, where she learned how to cook great meals for everyone in town. Then in middle school she met Carl Buchanan, who eventually became the star football player in high school. The two became fast friends and married soon after Carl's graduation.

Present Day Tired of their small little town, newlyweds Rachel and Carl decided to pack their bags and move. The place they chose was Sim Lane. Not long after they moved in Lana was born! Following Lana was Carl Jr., Shayla, Buck, and baby Pamela. Rachel takes a job as a scientist, working in the graveyard shift. By day she spends time with her family and cooks them filling meals. Not only her food attracts her family but they attract other neighbors too! No matter what, Rachel will always make sure that there's enough to go around!

What Lies Ahead... More children? Just very recently baby Pamela was born! Whether they will have baby number 6 is still up for debate. As of right now things are doing pretty well. All the kids are happy and doing really well in school. Carl is getting closer to becoming a star. Rachel's cooking is getting better and better. Things are great!

Family Edit

Carl Buchanan[[1]] The ideal husband. In high school the two were voted as cutest couple. A few years into their marriage and they are still going very strong! When they go out they are always together and everyone else can't help but say "Awww!".

Lana Not long after moving in, Lana was born. Despite their initial financial struggles Lana managed to make the best of things. She is a great big sister and friend. When a new kid moves in, she is always the first to say hi!

Carl Jr. Named after his father and grandfather, it's not surprising that he inherited many of their qualities! Like his father Carl Jr. is a talented athlete with a super fun personality.

Shayla A sweet girl who always finds the best in everything. She likes to play with all the neighborhood kids and is always there when you need a friend. In her spare time she likes to paint pictures.

Buck Intelligent and wise beyond his years. He also has a sweet personality that people can't resist. He also loves to run around with the neighborhood kids.

Pamela Coming soon! She's got about two more Sim days until she becomes a child.

Relationships Edit

Allison McKeller These two are like best friends. They love to gossip about their friends and family. Ally is also great with the kids as well, especially Lana. They are both very supportive of each other!