So I've been reading a sims 3 supernatural blog

And in the Familiar Faces part it says this '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Familiar Faces: 'During game play, we came across a wide array of familiar characters from previous The Sims games. Most notably, we have the return of Bonehilda, the skeleton maid. When you've bought her closet, she’ll pop out, take care of children and do the cleaning around the house, although I did catch her brushing her teeth in the sink at one point! She retreats back into the closet when the house is clean. We also caught a glimpse of some Goth family ghosts – Olivia, Samuel and Frida Goth – who apparently moved to Moonlight Falls after a fall out with Mortimer’s dad, Gunther, and then all subsequently died. More interestingly, we see a return of the Crumplebottom name with Agnes’ supposed three witch sisters, and also a suspiciously named Doreen Caliente (any relation to Dina and Nina?), although none of these recognisable names have any connection to their related parts in their family trees. Another character, a witch called Serena Durwood, is a character from the 1960’s TV comedy ‘Bewitched’. And one family, the ‘Roommates Supernatural’, featured a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf, similar to the TV show The Vampire Diaries. (Edit 08/08/2012: apologies, I meant Being Human, not The Vampire Diaries. Thank you to those who have commented and pointed this out!) Most notably, though, we also discovered a zombified Titania Summerdream. Anyone remember her from ‘Veronaville’ in The Sims 2?! Hopefully we might see Puck and Oberon in there somewhere too, but we’ll have to wait to play to find out! When it said Being Human I freaked out I loved that show \Urgh cant put exclamation points or other things like that\ Well I cant wait because I was gonna make a family based on that show ;3'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''