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Fanon: BellaDonna Shores Preview!

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BellaDonna Shores
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'Discovered by an unknown person in the early 1900's, from there this island bloomed with many different activities and a perfect landscape. Belladonna Shore is only described as one word: Paradise!'
Name BellaDonna Shores
Game(s) TS3S Icon The Sims 3: Seasons

This Island "BellaDonna Shores is going to be in my new TS3S fanon. I haven't started the island yet because my computor that has the sims 3 is broken, but i'm almost done fixing it (I hope :\). It is a medium\small island with every lot, and a mountain. When Seasons comes I will put more lots and then I'll put it on the exchange!

Some Families in this Fanon

New Families

Returning Families

  • Roth
  • GreenMan

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