Hey guys! This is my first blog about Idea for Expancion Pack for The Sims 4!

Today,18.12.2015, I bought Sims 4 Get Togather, Spooky Stuff and Spa Day (my own money)! After playng for 2 hours, I came up with superheroes idea. Swiftly saved and turned off The Sims 4, and had a look at webpage. Unfortunately, no superheroes. Only From The Sims 4: Movie Stuff Pack. But that was only costumes. 

I was thinking about new way how to give your sim poweres. Kindda CAS, but with new GUI, where you can choose FLY/ACROBATIC (Acrobatic = Fast walking, Wall Climbing) and Poweres (4 ex. Laser Vision, Some beams from hands that will do something ;)) or maybe side (Hero or Villan) and poweres origin (Fire, Ice, Magic, Gagets).

This might be a great way of joining clubs in The Sims 4: Get Togather. Join/Create club with requirement of having superpoweres, or even with morality (Hero / Villan). For example Club Superguys (worst name ever) only for Superpowered humans - Heroes only. Or Secret Society for Superpowered Humans - Villans only. Going even further, club members must have Laser Eyes and be Heroes. 

When there is good, there must be evil. Where is evil, there must be good. Maybe there are villans and heroes from start, or there's no superheroes/villans untill you become one.

So battles gotta be invented. Losing sim won't die, but lose his poweres. I don't want my sim die! Also losing a fight will give the sim Big +3 / +4 or even +40 Dazed Moodlet. For winning sim - Big Confident moodlet.

This is my idea! As I think, there is a 0,2% chance this will exist. But I would love it and I would buy it even for 100€ (well, I hope 30€ will be the price, as all Ex. Packs).

Thanx for reading, Nico!

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