Hey guys. This is second part of my The Sims 4: Supers Idea blog. To see the 1st part go here:

The Sims 4: Supers

I saw, that my blog about The Sims 4: Supers (named by Unnamed Contributor in coments) was featured in "THE POPULAR BLOG POSTS". So I now created Part 2. Also thanx to anyone (again unnamed contributor) who created redirect page The Sims 4: Supers - much apriciatte it (wrong spelled, i knoww).

So the flying technique would be from The Sims 3: Into the Future, whitch I never played, so IDK!

Very exiting would be the costumes. Special customisable clothing in CAS, only avaible for heroes and villans. In the GUI where you are choosing your poweres, you could like create a costume, with Superhero/Villan Costume (no regular clothing)! Also colouring system and maybe Insignia (Sign, Symbol).

Also, a greati thing for them would be masking, like aliens. You click yourself and choose an option to have the superhero/supervillan costume and also mask, to not get attacked by anyone while trying to live peacefully for a while.

There is also an issue about giving yourself some poweres. How could you give yourself poweres? There are some options:

  • Serum (The Sims 4: Get to Work Scientist Career)
  • Lifetime Reward
  • Enlightenment

These were not by me, but my siblings! I kindda like the Enlightenment the best, but actually not good enought. I kindda dont like the Idea of drinking serums and getting poweres from clicking one button. That needs storyline! Maybe powered meteor or something?

My Best Friend thaught of new button in the hotbar, where you can see your Superhero/villan name, poweres and from start one empty slot, Weakness!

And the last part of this - Weaknesses. This idea is by my cousin, who I mentoined in my profile! Your sim will get a random hidden weakness, when given poweres! When hotbar button open, you can see WEAKNESS:, but it would be question mark from begining. While sim given poweres, he has 80% of gaining random weakness, and 20% of having none. Ways of discovering your weaknesses is fighting, or research of your DNA (maybe using Get to Work stuff, or new DNA analyzer from Build Mode?).

Thanx for reading, Nico!

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