Hey guys! This is 3rd part of my The Sims 4: The Supers idea. Check out part 1 and part 2 , to not be completely confuzed!

So guys, it's back! I am now gonna tell you the best ideas, and about upcoming video about this!

About the issue, how to gain poweres, best idea so far is by Vpetmad ! She suggested several awesome ideas about how to get superpoweres! For example, with The Sims 4: Get to Work some new minerals would give you poweres when mined, or as suggested by LarissaLaliia (my cousin), mineral when mined will faint you and give you poweres! Another idea was a plant. A fruit, that is pretty rare and requires some crafting skill!!! Another idea was pet bite, with (hopefully) upcoming The Sims 4: Pets. And last idea by Vpetmad - A kid with parent superhero/supervillan will have the chance of gaining poweres! 

My idea of being super, but still hidden was expaned by my friend Mascow. When gained poweres, you will have the same clothing and body shape, but powers indeed! In that moment, when you'll discovet you have poweres, you will be able to choose side (hero/villan), poweres and of course - costume! When costume picked, then clicked DONE, choose your superhero/supervillan name and if you wanna be hidden in human form (noone knowing you are the one, thinking you are normal civilian when not in costume) or always in costume (everyone knowing your real name). For the 'Always in costume' ones, there will be a risk comming to your house by oposite site and damaging your preperity. And for the 'Hidden' ones - others might discover, like then you are an alien in TS4: GTW !

Also, I wanna make a video about this idea, maybe in The Sims 4: The Supers Idea (Part 4)!