Bohemian Fruit and Nuts

EA has released another set in the Store again. This time, it's not a special premium content, but rather, they gave us 8 new harvestables in Bohemian Fruit and Nuts set! The harvestables are blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, pecan, pear, peach, and cocoa.

Bohemian Garden screenshot 1

Nothing special with this set, but if you like additions for your Gardening collection, you might want this set. Personally, I love the idea because I love collecting in the game, but the execution is rather poor. Basically, all 8 of these harvestables are copies of lemon, which is a copy of apple. They are common, have the same selling values, have the same fertilizer values, and can be used as ingredients; cooking, mixology, and nectar. Yes, have you heard about cocoa nectar? All these store fruits are the same plants with different meshes. But if you're not so picky like me, you'll ignore this fact and start making nectars anyway.

Bohemian Garden screenshot 2
Bohemian Garden screenshot 3

This set comes with its complementary set, the Bohemian Garden set. It's available for 1,700 1,450 (on sale) SimPoints. The set includes several outfits and some furniture. The set contains:

  • A built-in gazebo. A nice addition if you have spacey backyard. It has roof, but I don't know if it will shelter Sims from rain and snow.
  • A hanging chair. Place it next to a tree and it will look like it's hung from the tree!
  • A pouffe chair. Since it's a clone of a regular sofa, Sims will slouch while sitting and try to lean mid-air. They will sit upright if they're reading though.
  • A rose in a vase. The rose is recolorable. The first flower ever being recolorable. But why did EA do it just now...
  • Some recolorable tulips and wildflowers. Don't get too excited with this one. The texture looks like it's extracted straight from The Sims 4. It looks plain ugly.

It's interesting that this set didn't come with a venue, thankfully. SimGuruCopeland said they would make some complementary sets in the future, making these harvestables more useful than they are now, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Nikel Talk Vote! 07:51, March 8, 2014 (UTC)

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