World of Wonder Carousel Collection

This week, the Store team has released another venue set, complete with three premium contents. There are lots to write, so here we go! EA presents the World of Wonder Carousel Collection!

Carnival stuff overview

First to write is the premium content included. The first premium content is the World Of Wonder Carousel. This carousel is a large object, and unlike the carousel neighborhood objects in Open for Business, this one is actually a functional carousel! Children and older can ride it. When you click the object, you can choose "Ride" or "Ride with...". Your Sim will be the only person to ride the carousel if you choose "Ride", and while the ride is operating, no one can join, and all other Sims could do is watch. If you use "Ride with..." interaction, you can ask other Sims to join.

Carnival stuff carousel scared

This carousel is pretty neat, I'll say. It looks really pretty and all. One thing that disappoints me is that Sims will "teleport" to the carousel instead of actually animate by getting on the horses. It wasn't really surprising though, considering EA has never really cared about making animations for getting on something, like getting in a car or a tractor. Many people consider EA lazy because of this. Well technically, EA has been lazy in many things already, so this is another thing.

Carnival stuff carousel moodlet

Small trivia: Sims will get a moodlet after riding the carousel, and the moodlet is a reference to a popular meme.

Carnival stuff kart

Up next on the premium content is the World Of Wonder Popcorn Machine And Cotton Candy Maker. The name is so exaggerating for a popcorn machine and cotton candy maker. These items are basically it. They're almost the same replica with the snow cone maker in The Sims 3: Seasons, with only difference is that the popcorn and cotton candy don't have any flavors. They don't have anything special either. Sims make their own popcorn and cotton candy, eat them, and... that's all.

Note that these food hardly even fulfills the hunger need, so don't lean on these karts, folks.

Carnival stuff whack-a-mole

Last to list for the premium content is Whack-A-Set!. Don't hold your breath. This arcade machine is the exact same replica as the whack-a-gnome from The Sims 3: Supernatural. The problem is that the arcade machine from Supernatural has exclusive codes only for that expansion pack, so without the EP, making a custom whack-a-mole machine is impossible. Thus, they decided to make it a separate premium content. Personally, I wouldn't consider this a premium content at all.

These arcade machines are just what you know about the one from Supernatural. Sims will play it, and at the end of the game, they'll earn score. There are 3 varieties of the machine: whack-a-corndog, whack-a-chicken, and whack-a-clown. And unlike Supernatural which has 5 varieties in one machine, these varieties are separated in each machine. It's kinda redundant for me. You'll end up with 3 of the same things cluttering in your Buy mode catalog, if you ask me.

Carnival stuff lot large

Lastly, let's talk about the venue that comes with the set, World of Wonder (makes you wonder how many times I've written this "World of Wonder" over and over). The lot is a 50x50 big park. It's beautifully decorated for a carnival theme, but to be honest, it's very cramped. I'm pretty sure you've all had enough with the terrible routing system of the game and here EA presents us a huge lot with extremely narrow gang.

One would wonder how this merrily large carnival lot would be entertaining for Sims, considering community lots in The Sims 3 are like ghost towns. Have you ever had any visitors wandering around a park in your game? Even if there are any, all these visitors do is standing around, staring at the wall, doing nothing.

This set includes a number of items that match the carnival theme, including a sandbox, enormous star-shaped fountain with a clown statue in the middle of it, overwhelming-sized carnival trailer that works as a wardrobe, and a stereo that looks like a loudspeaker. Also, this set contains a lot of tent object pieces. You could create a huge tent with these modular objects. These object pieces are decorative only, though, so roof pieces will not keep weather elements away and the tent walls will obstruct the view.

Small trivia: The archway underwent a design change. On the set preview around last March, SimsVIP, and a number of Simmers, pointed out an offensive writing on the archway, "Vadia", a Brazilian slang for prostitute.

I don't know if this is intentional or not, and how EA could miss this before being commercialized is still a mystery, but I still think it's EA's fault. Simlish is a made-up language and isn't meant to be perceptible by anyone. Considering human has a really good perception of recognizing patterns that may not even exist[citation needed], EA should've made Simlish fonts to have unrecognizable patterns at all.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this set is a good complement for stuff from The Sims 3: Showtime and Roaring Heights roller coaster set. Go make a real carnival if you have these!

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