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Nikel23 July 31, 2015 User blog:Nikel23
Cool Kitchen Stuff - The 3rd Stuff Pack for The Sims 4!

Does your kitchen look dull? Is your stove too hot to handle? Tired of washing the dishes by hand? Maybe you just want to lay down and eat some ice cream?

Say no more because The Sims 4 is coming with its third stuff pack: The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen Stuff! A reminiscent of The Sims 2: Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff, except with less bath and more ice cream, it seems. What you'll expect in this stuff are new hairstyles, new clothes, new food, new kitchen stuff, an ice cream maker, and... a dishwasher! That's right! This basic appliance seems to have been missing since the base game and I still remember people complained how TS4 was so bad for missing this very item, along with swimming pools and babies... See, I always said TS4 was just a skeleton that lacks content, and the EA marketing is basically like "here's a game with the title 'The Sims 4.' Now please buy it so we can get enough budget and we promise we'll add more contents later! So don't be disappointed now! We promise!" So far it's been true but I digress and let's move along.

Cool Kitchen Stuff is to be released worldwide digitally on August 11, 2015. That's 11/12 days to go, depending on where you are. As a bonus, the dishwasher is coming with the free game patch which will be released a week before Cool Kitchen Stuff release, so no need to buy the stuff pack to get this missing base game item! It's as if EA is saying, "See...?"

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