Milkin' It Dairy Corral

Oh dear, I really should've written this blog when it was still a teaser to excite the readers... But oh well! So, Simmers & Wikians, embrace yourself... cause we're getting cows for the next premium content!

Cow store content 1

That's right, cows! Let me just say, I've heard a lot of excitement and screaming about cows coming to The Sims series, like, "OMG, Cows!!!" and "My life is now complete!!!"; I'm not kidding. Yeah, I'm pretty fascinated with the cows hype too, but NOT that excited. :p This is gonna be perfect for Simmers who want farming in addition to the chicken coop. This one content is very original, and quite detailed indeed. But why would something like this (and the chicken coop) not included in Pets expansion pack and instead turn it into Farm Life expansion pack? No idea, but it seems to not give more revenue for EA, so...

The premium content Milkin' It Dairy Corral is included in the Farm Fresh Folk Set for 1,400 1,200 SimPoints (on sale), and it's to be released on September 5th. SimGuruTaterTot has shared the information about what this cow can do.

Cow store content 2
  • Sims can milk cow to get milk. Milk can fulfill Sim's hunger need.
  • Feeding the cow vegetables will make it produce soy milk, which will also revitalize the Sim's age. I remember Life fruit and ambrosia was a thing when The Sims 3 was released. Now all those benefits can be gained from a mere cow milk.
  • Feeding the cow chocolate (!) will make it produce chocolate milk, which will also boost fun. I don't know where Sims will get chocolate though. We'll find out soon.
  • Sims can turn the milk into cheese.
  • Sims can tip the cow... and make it produce a milkshake. O.o
  • Sims can play Tic Tac Hoove to increase Logic skill. This reminds me of the chicken checkers back in The Sims 2 for console!

The object is quite large. This premium content looks pretty promising than the previous ones. I wonder what the bulls are for. What do you think about this content? Are you going to get this? Are you very excited about it? Share your thoughts here!

Extra pics:

Cow store content 3
Cow store content 4

- Nikel Talk Vote! 16:09, September 5, 2013 (UTC)

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