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Cyjon is out?

Nikel23 April 16, 2013 User blog:Nikel23

Have any of you heard of Cyjon? He's one of my favorite modders back in The Sims 2 era. I occasionally stop by his site because the last thing I read there, he tried to keep becoming a TS2 modder even though the era has been taken over by The Sims 3. I recently visited by his site again, and noticed his latest – or last – news was that he's done with The Sims 2 now. The game is no longer supported, and neither is SimPE, .Net 2.0, Windows XP, and his own computer. I think it's sad to see someone eventually quits when he tried to promise to be loyal with TS2 no matter what... I like some of his mods (but sometimes he overdid it with features I don't want, which is why I hated some others). He also made nice research about attraction and death. But in the end, everything will move on...

Has anyone used his mods or aware of his leaving? I hope his mods will remain there if he does leave... just in case.

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