Guys! Have you heard? The Sims 4 babies now go back to the original The Sims babies!

BABY ALERT. (Don't read it if you dont want to get another disappointment)

Okay, EA blew me away again. (in a negative way).

Im reading a german preview and it states something about babies.

Let me translate it a bit:

'When a baby is born, a crib will appear. There are interactions with the baby, new for example is breastfeeding.. But you can't take the baby away from the crib. You can take it out of the crib, but you can't carry your baby around and can't put it into a stroller etc. Everything you do with the baby, is bound to the crib. The interactions are very cute and nicely animated, but babies are chained to the crib. This makes babies basically just objects, until it grows up to a child.

Babies don't have need 'bars' or other things 'normal sims' have. Babies do appear in the portrait panel, but you can't click on it.

The baby options are very nice, and babies aren't wrapped in a blanket anymore, you can actually see the legs now, but being bound to the crib bothered us personally. The baby also stays a baby until you decide to make it grow up. You can do that right when the baby is born already.

The babies just don't satisfy our expectations.'

So thanks EA for screwing another part of the game over.


EA heard we didn't like how babies are wrapped in a blanket like a burrito in The Sims 3, so they gave the babies legs in The Sims 4 to satisfy us. But it seems that the trade-off is everything. Now babies are bound to objects again, just like in The Sims.

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