So here's some of my experience playing with The Sims 3 while disappearing lately (I was absent because of lack of internet connection, not from playing the game! But partly, it's true too). Overall, there are more bad than good parts. If anyone says The Sims 3 is better than The Sims 2 because there's only one time loading, he/she's completely wrong, because it almost lags every second. I once got a major lag when having my Sim fish, and it almost got me on my nerves until I saw the map view... I forgot to turn of the Collection Helper!!! That's what has been causing the lags! It's true. Less loading, but more lagging. Even the lags in The Sims 2 had never been that frustrating.


Here's my Sim, Lindsay Elliot, who is an Architectural Designer. For an unknown and mysterious reason, she gradually befriends and eventually becomes best friends with anyone she meets except her husband. I have no idea if this is a normal issue, but since I never had any perfect renovation, I changed her LTW with Super Popular. One day, she got an opportunity at school, and the reward is boosted relationships with all school workers. At first, I thought that mean the people who work in Education career. It turned out ALL students become her friends! Her friend count instantly turned from 17 to 52!!!

Well, her teenage son, Ethan, who is my main Sim, is an avid adventurer. World Adventures is my most anticipated EP, because I just like adventuring. At the same day Lindsay fulfilled her opportunity, I got Ethan to travel to Shang Simla. Then, I recalled I once had a crash after the subhood "finished" loading, so I rushed to save the game, but it said that I can't save while Sims are on their way. So I just wait until it finished loading. And guess what? I bet you can tell... it actually CRASHED.


I thought that was really unfair. So I cheated to make it almost like what I've lost, but I'll never get the same opportunity again... I got sick of the renovation, but making friends in The Sims 3 is a real pain, so I'll just stick with architecture.

But that's not all... after Ethan's trip from Al Simhara, it took about 1 day or so to have another trip due to his trait. During that 1-day delay, I did a lot of things... that I forgot what. I planned the next trip, but this time, I'm prepared. I saved before going on a trip. Aaaaaand... guess what now? Guess! Guess!

And don't ask me why I link all the words diligently. I also had no idea with that.