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Some of you might noticed that EA has released some teasers for the new store world. Chances are you found it from somewhere else other than the wiki, because I didn't even realize they already had the name for the world, Midnight Hollow!

The world has already appeared on the store world listings, though I've tried several times clicking the link to the store world but it can't show the page. Probably it's under construction at the time of writing this blog. The teasers indicate that this world's theme is spooky or horror or something. Now I'm wondering how many horror themes we've had? We can really add Supernatural and Movie Stuff touch to this world. Not to mention a lot of horror-themed store sets that are overly abundant out there. You can watch the world's trailer here.

The world is available for purchase on September 26. Like the previous store worlds, this one also have exclusive premium content included: Savvy Seller's Collection. In summary, this set enables the possibility to actually sell stuff like Open for Business. You place your items on the display objects i.e. rugs, pedestal, shelf, and parking space, and supposedly, other Sims may be able to browse and purchase. I'm not sure how these will really attract customers since I've barely even seen anyone in any venue.

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If you take a look at the business set's details, it looks like the functions are based on the restaurant oven. You can set markups, set open hours, give discounts, and even hire salesclerk. Based on this, I can say that this attempt on reliving Open for Business is gonna fail miserably. I don't want if all the complex game mechanics always have to rely on the Store at all times!

Midnight Hollow Reflect

Okay, the world's store page has been up now! Check it out here. The world costs 2450 SimPoints, and as usual, it has the Gold version costing 4350. The Gold version only includes three clothing items and SimPoint bundles. Another hint is that Olive Specter will make a return in this world.

Also, SimGuruTaterTot has shared the Designer's Thought about Midnight Hollow.

Share what you think about this world here! I've shared mine. Nikel Talk Vote! 18:09, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

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