Double Down Poker and Roulette Bundle

Okay, I know this has been for a while, and it might be pretty old news (barely even read last week's wiki news), but I really didn't realize that these premium contents have already been on sale already! I think they needed their own announce page, so... here they are. I present you... the Dead Man's Hand Poker Table and Let it Ride Roulette Table, A.K.A. the blackjack table recolors with extra moustache!

Poker table store content

... wait, what?

Seriously, they are just the same things as the good 'ol blackjack table you got from Lucky Simoleon Casino, the exclusive content from Lucky Palms gold edition. That's right! Same functions, same interactions, same... everything! With an exclusive moustache on poker table robot. If you want your casino to be more complete with these gambling robot collections, head over the store and spend the remaining of your SimPoints with only 800 700 SimPoints! It's currently on sale until May 31st, so no need to rush! These items are not available individually yet. They are only available in Double Down Poker and Roulette Bundle for 700 SimPoints (as stated before), or you can purchase Up the Ante Compilation that includes the casino as well for 2,700 2,400 SimPoints. A good deal for those who don't have one from Lucky Palms gold edition, probably.

Roulette table store content

Wait a second... Did I notice a resemblance of the robot with SimBot? I'm surprised Ambitions is not required to get these items to function properly! You know, EA moneymaking scheme... Nikel Talk Vote! 14:18, May 10, 2013 (UTC)

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