It's Business Time Industrial Oven

It's about time! Have you been waiting for a working restaurant like in Nightlife and despised the works of bistro rabbit hole? Personally, I didn't, and I'm kind of a fan of rabbit holes. But if you do, you might like this new premium content + venue set from the store. It's Business Time Industrial Oven!

Restaurant store content
Business as Usual Bistro venue

Yep, a real working restaurant. Sims go to one, have a seat, order from the menu, get waited on, and dine... But I heard people just don't like the works of rabbit hole, so this might be a better solution for them. The premium content cannot be purchased individually, as usual, and is tied to Business as Usual Bistro for 1,900 1,700 (on sale) SimPoints. Tacky name if you ask me, I mean, who in real life names their restaurant like that? You'll also get some chef outfits, chef hats, and some kitchen equipment in this set.

If you have Island Paradise and have run a resort, you might be familiar with the setting of the oven. You can hire and fire the chef (picked from the pool of townies), set the menu (quite long if you have all packs and some sets), food markup (50% - 150%), chef quality, and work time. If you are to build your own restaurant, you can find the menu in the appliances in Buy mode -- an unlikely place to find the menu.

Personally, this set doesn't appeal me at all, and I feel like it's an easy way out for EA to give what we've all been wanting all along -- business and working restaurant. How much do you rely on store content anyway? I've heard a lot of bugs and complaints from this premium content:

  • Sims on a group or a date don't always sit on the table.
  • Children can't dine out. Surprise anyone?
  • Chef takes order, cooks food, and serves it to the customer. An all-in-one employee!
  • It looks nice from the front, but awfully bland from the back of the venue. Front View, Back View.
  • Table interactions like in Nightlife don't return. Much expected though.

So think twice if you really want to spend your SimPoints for this set. ;) Nikel Talk Vote! 06:38, July 20, 2013 (UTC)

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