Brunch at the Old Mill

I'm running out of ideas for the titles. Recently the Store has been releasing multiple premium contents in one set. On last July 3rd, 2014, EA just released another set, Brunch at the Old Mill.

Mill set overview

The first premium content in this set is the Old Miller Tea Time Tea Set. This tea set, as you can expect, is attached to the table. Nothing is really special about this tea set, and it doesn't do much apart from performing nice tea drinking animation. It's not super fun, but it's okay, I guess, considering Sims can now have a relaxing afternoon drinking tea in their pastime and chatting.

This tea set is cheaty, as usual. Remember the cotton candy and popcorn that barely fulfills hunger? This tea not only fills hunger entirely, but also energy. How this tea is stronger than espresso is beyond my comprehension, but whatever. EA's competence is always beyond anyone's comprehension.

The second premium content which, I think, is the best in this set is Grandma's Canning Station. This premium contains three items, which are a new stove and two harvestables.

The special stove is a two-tile-width stove that can be used to create jams and preserves from harvested produces. Making a jar of jam or preserve requires three produces. If you click on the jam, it can be used to make a toast or a scone. The toast is a special food from the set, and is not the same one as the quick snack from the fridge, apparently.

I'm not sure what the preserves do, though. It seems that it can turn produces into preserves to keep produces from spoiling (according to the Store page description). If you click on the preserve, it will give you back the produce with the same quality before it was preserved. For the record, produces never spoil and the quality never decreases, so I have no idea what this preserve is for. Perhaps you want to preserve certain perfect quality produces from accidentally being used for recipe ingredients, but it's a real hassle.

Also, you can't cook regular recipes in this oven, which sucks.

This premium content in particular also features two new harvestable plants: cucumber and corn! FYI, the corn is different from the hidden corn plant that was from Grandpa's Grove Tractor. It has been reported that the corn plant by Douglasveiga is compatible with this PC's corn and will work fine. I'm not sure because I didn't use the corn plant myself. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can skip along.

Also, due to EA's incompetence, the cucumber plant only has translation string for English only, and none for any other languages. Due to this, Sims are unable to plant cucumbers in other languages. There's a fix for this in ModTheSims, but the missing strings are in English.

The last premium content is Water Wheel. The only reason it's considered a premium content is because it's animated and Sims can... fish in it. What? I think it's an excuse to make this mill overpriced, that's all.

ETA: I heard that this watermill will reduce bills, similar to the windmill and solar panel downloadable content somewhere from the Store.

This set costs 1,700 SimPoints, and is (or was) on sale for 1,450 SimPoints until July 8th, 2014. This set doesn't include the venue in the screenshots, but SimGuruKitty released the venue on The Exchange for free. They're being unusually generous, I think, but oh well. The lot has the size of bizarre 36x47. Also, you can download and install the lot without the set, but fish will replace the missing items and flying chairs will be all over the place.

Nikel Talk Vote! 15:46, July 5, 2014 (UTC)

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