The Sims 3: 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff release!

Hi there, Simmers!

Yesterday (January 22nd), the latest stuff pack all about the so-last-year, old-fashioned stuff pack has been released! As you may already know, this stuff pack is about the 70's groovy fashion, 80's retro style, and 90's grungy trends. Here we have another mismatched outfit when we meet Sims at the park again. :p I mean, can you imagine them wearing China rattan hat, retro shirt, and sweet tidbits from Katy Perry's Sweet Treats? Me neither.

Fav DiscoFav RapFav Rock

Overall, this stuff pack features 31 Buy/Build Mode objects, which is quite decent as a stuff pack, but then there are several hairstyles and outfits for teens and older, according to their respective era. What I like the most from this SP is (even though I haven't had it) that it adds 3 new radio stations! I don't know if they add new favorites though. I'll find it out later.

Oh, did you know they released a patch shortly after this SP was released? It states that it fixes an issue where the music after installing this stuff pack won't play correctly, or something like that. I was like, what the heck? It's just been released! Can't they make something right or properly without ruining anything?? That's EA alright. So if you're getting this SP, patch it soon, or wait until your mods are updated to this patch level. Speaking of which, Twallan said there's no need of scripting change or something, so your mods might as be compatible, but I won't guarantee. ;)

Also, it has been reported that people who pre-ordered through Origin cannot redeem the exclusive pinball item from the store. TVs have also been glitchy, where the expensive ones now have 4 stations and Sims who watch it will get "Bad Reception" moodlet. What a bummer.

One funny fact about this stuff pack is that EA didn't include afro hairstyle in this pack because it's too hard for the artists to make. Sounds more like they're lazy or the artists are just plain inadequate and need to hire some actually-talented artists. As if they've never seen an afro from Showtime (oh, did you remember the banana growing on apple tree? Even if they actually have banana tree model in WA?). *rolleyes*


So, after all this, will you still purchase 70s, 80s, & 90s? I personally think the title itself is ridiculous, but I'll get it once all issues are resolved, if ever. Sigh.

Will you be purchasing 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff?

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