The Sims 3: Into the Future release!

In an attempt to keep on the tradition of game release blogs, I'm writing this one for The Sims 3: Into the Future. It was released on October 22, 2013 in North America, so this blog was released 2 days late, so pardon me.

So the future for Sims is here now! "If it's not holo, it hovers," basically sums up what stuff are in Into the Future. Yup, jetpack, hover cars, hover bots, holographic walls, holographic pets... In terms of "realism", this is the second pack to not get any closer to realism, after Supernatural. I'm saying this because even though there are many interpretations of how the future would be like, EA once said that this is how they envision the future era in the world of Sims[1]. I don't know why, but personally it appeals me very much. I really want to grab this EP and fast. In fact, I felt more hyped with this pack instead of Island Paradise. I felt nothing interesting in that EP at all, compared to this.

I'm interested to see more rabbit hole careers (I'm a fan of rabbit holes) and skills. What irks me is that they didn't include any lifetime wish for the new careers again, as well as one for Laser Rhythm-a-con skill.

I wouldn't say much about what content this EP has to offer. This EP basically focuses a lot more in the objects instead of actual features, like what I said earlier: jetpacks, dream pods, robots and stuff. What often revolves around the info is all about time traveling, alternate futures, descendants, and legacy statues. In fact, those are the only things I could mention as the "main features" of this EP. I wouldn't include Plumbots and Create-a-Bot, because:

  1. It's a tradition anyway that EA has to include a life state. And it's not unusual for them to overdo a life state. They've overdone it in Supernatural for example, though occasionally they were just left without many things to consider.
  2. Plumbot is part of the Bot Building skill, and I'd never say a skill is a feature. It's an addition. For example, Violin skill is not a feature. Not. At. All.

The other thing that's often mentioned would be Oasis Landing, but that goes without saying. It's just a neighborhood. I don't need to describe how it looks, because the landscape is not a, well, feature.

Don't get your hopes down, though! It's the little things you need to find out in the game that makes the EP fun to play! Those things I mentioned weren't the only things in the game. For example, wouldn't you know there's a parody of the Jetsons in the game? ;)

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  1. I didn't remember where they said it. Don't ask.