The Sims 3: Island Paradise release!

It's been released since 2 days ago or so, but I only get to write this blog just now.

Simmers! Are you ready for Island Paradise? :D I'm excited too, but not too excited. I've heard a lot of stuff in this pack and some nifty features! In particular, the major features are divided into three: running a resort, scuba diving, and houseboat! The latter two are things that have never been in The Sims series before. How cool is that? ;)

Scuba Diving skill icon

Scuba diving is one of my most anticipated feature in this pack. I've always been excited about this one feature! I know over time it will be tedious because scuba diving is an exploration like in World Adventures, and exploration won't get you anywhere as it will eventually reach to the point where you'll do the same things over and over. But what the heck, I've always liked World Adventures and I've never been bored. Also, a big surprise to you builders and those who don't want to go to Isla Paradiso to enjoy scuba diving. Remember that some SimGurus said diving areas are not possible in other worlds? Well, say that again, because some Simmers have found out the way to make their own diving areas in their worlds! Definitely one of the coolest breakthrough in the game! Two methods: one being placing a copy of existing diving area, and another to build your own. I prefer the former though; I'm no builder.

W buy amenity object resort

Running a resort won't have the same feeling like Open for Business, too bad. :/ I've always liked Open for Business for being cross-compatible with almost every EP, unlike The Sims 3 which has never been able to be backward-compatible with any EPs. :/ Yep, you want to place your store massage table? Seems useless. Or maybe add the bonfires and juice keggers for a raging beach party? Nah, I don't think they count as "amenities". You can't even place a food stand outside a resort. A food stand is exclusive to a resort where employees need to tend, but it won't work in community lots as no one will tend it. Bummer, I can even buy veggies from the veggie stand even if no one tends it! Oh, and recently, I heard someone can place a resort in adventure destinations, and it works. You just can't own it. And the gurus said you can't...? They're wrong again.

Iq movehouseboat toport

One last thing, houseboat? Nah, it speaks for itself. :p The fact that the house can move in the body of water doesn't seem to enthuse me, especially since I'm living in Lucky Palms.

So far, has any bugs been collected as of Island Paradise patch? Well yeah.

  • The censor blur has been reported to be black. It's just visually disturbing, and it won't affect the gameplay.
  • Bookstores in Monte Vista and Twinbrook, and almost all rabbit holes in Lunar Lakes have routing issues. It seems if the rabbit hole doors are within 3 tiles from the lot edge, Sims cannot get in anymore. Just go to edit town and pull the rabbit holes back to fix this.
  • Professional bars cause jump bug when Sims order something from it. The temporary workaround is to delete and replace it with a new one.
  • The moving to another world feature is a little buggy. Be sure to backup your game before moving, or for a more guaranteed outcome, use Twallan's Traveler or Porter.
  • Black screen and endless loading time. Read here.

Technically, those are bugs from the patch, not the pack itself. I haven't heard much about bugs in Island Paradise, except that some children and teens are reported to teleport themselves to school in Isla Paradiso. A hint for Into the Future or bug, I don't know.

Will you be purchasing Island Paradise?

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I really can't wait to place those diving areas in my Lucky Palms! How about you? Nikel Talk Vote! 01:25, June 26, 2013 (UTC)

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