The Sims 3: Movie Stuff release!

Pardon my lateness! It seems that I'm having the habit of writing a release blog late, and I even wrote a blog about Midnight Hollow, while Movie Stuff predates the world. So anyway...

On September 10, 2013, The Sims 3: Movie Stuff has been released! The stuff pack includes three movie genres / themes for the game: superhero, western, and horror. The game also adds three new favorite music and radio stations in the pack: Epic, Western, and Spooky.

Fav EpicFav SpookyFav Western

Personally, I can't say much about this pack. This stuff pack is pretty much a bunch of costume sets, but only comes in three themes. The western stuff is too much, since it barely has any useful purpose in the game. We need country set, which has been fulfilled in Pets, and some western decors can be found from Pets and Showtime. The horror theme is pretty much unneeded, considering how many themes and sets there are already available in the store, and also if you put Supernatural and Midnight Hollow in mind. The superhero theme? Only total maniac or geeks will wear the costumes. Even my nerds from University Life cannot stand wearing those costumes!

Despite the title of the pack, the moviemaking value is actually very low. You can't make any western, horror, or superhero movie without certain expansion packs. You can't make western movie with the absence of horse if you don't have Pets, horror movie is just the atmosphere unless you have Supernatural, and superhero? Nobody has superhero abilities in The Sims! What's the point? Maybe Into the Future will help. Or maybe you can wear the costumes the next time you're invited in a university-wide nerds gathering.

And you know what? What the Movie Stuff really needs is the props for making movies, like green screen, lights, cameras... And sure, they are included. Only if you pre-ordered the pack exclusively from Origin. This stuff pack is worthless to me.

Will you be purchasing Movie Stuff?

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- Nikel Talk Vote! 06:15, September 13, 2013 (UTC)

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