• Nimmi JJ

    Sims 3 good and bad stuff

    February 28, 2013 by Nimmi JJ
    1. You can have your own car and normal neighborhood and meet others in a park!
    2. you can go to shop,laudromat,even bars and work!
    3. If you have EP the Sims 3 Showtime you can sing and perform!
    4. you can go to beach and relax and not wait from game to load
    5. you can work out on three different ways!...
    6. you can go to sallon and have a tattoo

    1.  your sims can't open car like in Sims 2,they press on keys and It appears on road
    2. your sims won't be able to be visible in some building-rabbit holes
    3. if you have Late Night EP you can't visit friends in their homes and you can't delete celebrities if you wan't sims normal life
    4. your  food will just appear in fridge
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