• Ninjamellark

    Al Simhara Games

    January 25, 2013 by Ninjamellark

    So in my spare time I will be doing the annual Al Simhara. I love hunger games, survior and sims. No killing involved, but injuries will occur. Updates every 2 days. So 24 sims will enter a camp site, with 4 sections, which will represent all 4 teams. We will take 12 from Sims 2, and 12 from Sims 3. Winner is declared after all 22 rounds, and winner will take home 2.5 million simoleons. You may vote for a winner, and a loser. I will do P.O.V.'s and aftermaths. Each team can buy something, which money can be redeemed at the cash counter, for like extra advantages. 600 simoleons each, and if a team wins, you win 1000. They will be in an arena. 4 teams get their own base, And either attack, or they can stay. Their mane target is to grab a tea…

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