So in my spare time I will be doing the annual Al Simhara. I love hunger games, survior and sims. No killing involved, but injuries will occur. Updates every 2 days. So 24 sims will enter a camp site, with 4 sections, which will represent all 4 teams. We will take 12 from Sims 2, and 12 from Sims 3. Winner is declared after all 22 rounds, and winner will take home 2.5 million simoleons. You may vote for a winner, and a loser. I will do P.O.V.'s and aftermaths. Each team can buy something, which money can be redeemed at the cash counter, for like extra advantages. 600 simoleons each, and if a team wins, you win 1000. They will be in an arena. 4 teams get their own base, And either attack, or they can stay. Their mane target is to grab a teams flag and bring it back, and if successful, the team will grab an elimination. Challenges start at these times: 1:00 AM, 12:00 AM, 5:00 PM, 12:30 PM. If you are injured, your team loses 200 simoleons.


Kalabunga/Blue - Brandi Broke, Davy Linell, Mary-Sue Pleasent, Erik Darling, Curtis Ryan, Bella Goth

Serenity/Gold - Beau Andrews, Daniel Pleasent, Sophie Tang, Peyton Suzuki - ELIMINATED DAY 1, Camilia Fortescue, Zelda Mae

Swiftly/White - Brandon Lillard, Polliniation 7 T, Cecilia Goth, Blair Wranwright, Justine Keaton - ELIMINATED DAY 1, Jocasta Bachelor

Tiki/Green - Rigger Moris, Mags Newbie ELIMINATED DAY 2, Bjorn Beaker, Cornelia Goth, Gunther Goth, Nick Alto

Kalabunga Base - Day 1

Brandi Yawns, as Bella and Mary-Sue climb out of bed. "I go attack with Bella" says Erik, as he storms out in the direction of Serenity, whose base is located at the beach. Kalabungas Base is at the rocks where the ocean laps its fingers across the rough stony rocks. A breeze swiftly leads into the direction of a man in a Green tee. Tikis Base is nearby, located in the heart of the wilderness, also known as the worst team to be on. A cannon goes on, and obviously someone has been injured. A face appears in the sky, and says "Lost 200 simoleons" it's Justine Keaton from Swiftly. As the sun sets, 4 more cannons goes off. 2 from Tiki, and 2 from Serenity, leaving Kalabunga the only base not to be hit. The team Whois bankrupted first will encounter an elimination. It's 1:00AM for the campers, and already, an alliance has been formed. It's Swiftly and Tiki, and today's challenge will be hosted at the beach. You have to swim to your flag at the other side of the lake. First team to complete this tasks wins simoleons.

Brandi's P.O.V.

I look to my left and find 3 others heading towards my direction. BOOM! I jump into the water, and head for my blue flag. I see Rigger right ahead and heading towards my flag. I just remebered. If you lose your flag, your out for elimination. I tackle him and go for myn and yellows. I catch myn, but serenity has been overtaken by Tiki. So teams who are eliminated are Serenity and Swiftly. 1000 simoleons go to Tiki, then 500 to us, then 250 to Serenity, and 0 to Swiftly.

Elimination Day 1

Yellow and White flags wave in the view. It's the elimination. All 12 tributes walk into the middle of the arena, the Horn. Everyone gathers around the campfire, with yellow on the left, and white on the right. "Okay I'm gonna call out 8 tributes, 4 from each team. Okay first is Serenity. Beau, Sophie, Zelda and Camilia. Next is Swiftly.Brandon, Cecelia, Polliniation 7, and Jocasta. So that leaves you 4. The first name to be called out and will be called back to their camp.Blair Wranwright Blair gets up and goes back. So 1 will go. The last name is..Daniel Pleasent so that means thatJustine and Peyton are eliminated.

Tiki - Day 2

A bright summers day flooded the forest with joy. Rigger gets up and runs over to Kalabunga to retrieve their flag. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 5 cannons sound. "Attentions tributes. An early elimination will be held for tiki. Please report to the horn immediately.

Elimination So Rigger left and went to get Kalabungas Flag. 5 cannons sounded, and Kalabunga are almost bankrupted. They Stole from your base last night, and got your money. So that's that. So the person we leg go today was...Mags Newbie