• Norman Average

    As you probably do already know, Wikia are deleting Monaco and replacing with the new skin "Oasis" on November 3. Now, 80% (give or take) of the entire Wikia population (me included) dislike the new skin or are opposed to Wikia not giving a choice to its users. I personaly think that it'd actually be a good skin if it wasn't for the that that the whole wiki is squashed into the centre of the pge and that we're stuck with a completely useless floating toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

    Now, i've just has a look at Wikia Community Central, and I've just discovered that there is a whole load of wikis moving off-site. These wikis are a member of a newly founded group called the [Anti-Wikia Alliance (AWA)]. I have just joined it and was wonderin…

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