Hello, everyone! I've re-named this blog post because I have found a great way to get images of Sims 1 characters, just look at my pictures of the Agent family. Now I would like to know how I can get images of my Sims 3 sims. When I get my Sims 1 pictures I use a different computer than the one I use for The Sims 3. My technique for Sims 1 picture is pressing the "printscreen" option and modifying the picture. Sadly, that function doesn't appear to work on my other computer. What makes the whole thing more difficult is that my Sims 3 online situation is all messed up so I can't access a lot of stuff because my game's registration code isn't usable. Why I don't know. Also, for some reason I can't upload Sims and pictures using The Sims 3 Launcher because my screen gets all zoomed in when I run TS3. So any help regarding the situation about the images, my problems with the code and the Sims 3 online business alltogether as well as advice on how I can remedy the extreme zooming would be dearly welcomed!