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  • Oryxofelia

    Or, why it'll be a couple days before I update again.

    I got the new PC yesterday. I installed the games last night, and it took some adjusting and figuring out to make things compatable with Windows 7, but it's all up and running. All the expansions I own are on the system now, and I just got done unpacking all my downloads. Some are missing for reasons I can't understand, but that's okay. Well, not really. I just realized all my victorian stuff is gone, and that pisses me off. I can't find it, I have no idea what happened to it. I thought it was in the file that I put on the flash drive, but there was so much stuff in there! Apparently this wasn't among it, because everything that was there is now installed.

    What are you gonna do, right? To…

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  • Oryxofelia

    My Sims Today

    August 14, 2011 by Oryxofelia

    In addition to updating my neighborhood Fanon pages, I figured I'd start a blog to catalog what I've done that day that doesn't involve things worthy of note in the Fanon.

    Earlier today I played and replayed the last day of Buzz Grunt's pollination several times so I could finally get another girl alien, and happily I ended up with twin girls, so that's very fortunate. They also generated a P.Tech that hadn't been used before, so they aren't related to anyone which is just awesome. There is way too much interrelation in that neighborhood.

    I'm working with the Terranos this afternoon, decorating their house, probably getting them married, probably getting Stella pregnant. We'll see how much time I can devote. They're my favorite family, so I'…

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