In addition to updating my neighborhood Fanon pages, I figured I'd start a blog to catalog what I've done that day that doesn't involve things worthy of note in the Fanon.

Earlier today I played and replayed the last day of Buzz Grunt's pollination several times so I could finally get another girl alien, and happily I ended up with twin girls, so that's very fortunate. They also generated a P.Tech that hadn't been used before, so they aren't related to anyone which is just awesome. There is way too much interrelation in that neighborhood.

I'm working with the Terranos this afternoon, decorating their house, probably getting them married, probably getting Stella pregnant. We'll see how much time I can devote. They're my favorite family, so I'll be devoting a lot of time to their home. Johnny won't be having any abductions himself. He's already related to too many inhabitants of Strangetown, the kids he'd have don't need the extra burden of also being related to everyone their particular Technician has pollinated. That was one of the problems I ran into when I was first trying to accomplish the alien Strangetown, and why I downloaded the hack for 4 PTs, each pollination to be chosen at random. I'm a little sad that this means other than a few of the Curious kids with the original PT, the no-nose gene will probably die out. I'm kind of alone in this, but I think the no-nose makes an interesting facial structure.I imagine a kind of a hierarchy where kids who are closer to alien think of themselves as being better than the kids with more humanized blood and features, so having no nose is kind of a desired symbol of their lineage. I couldn't have them all related though, so something had to give. They can still all have the large black eyes, and I definitely think that's cool.

Aside from Stella and Johnny, I'll also be making more of an effort to pair up aliens with non-aliens in an effort to create a more diverse bloodline. Considering the alien skin tone tends to be a dominant gene, it doesn't really matter if some of generation 2 pair up with humans, because it still means generation 3 has more suitable alien skin/alien skin pairs.

After decorating, I sent Stella off to buy new clothes for herself and Johnny and also outfits for each gender for any kids they might have. I like to get all my bases covered in one trip.

I'm trying to save getting married and having kids until they both want it, and right now neither of them do. Stella wants to WooHoo, but not anything that comes along with it. Oh, Stella! You vixen!