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Development Partner - needed! (Sims 2)

ParanormalJ September 27, 2013 User blog:ParanormalJ

Hi, everyone!

Right now I'm low on developers, so if you have the skills and think you can do this I would gladly allow you to assist me in my developments. Just an FYI this is just for fun and all about making others happy with our creations!

  • Must have sims 2 installed. (Only sims 2, no ep/sp!)
  • Must be extremely creative and understand the concept and game plan what this means is that if you join me you CANNOT and I repeat CANNOT just use maxis made templates, they have to be extremely unique.
  • You must also know the technical concepts.
  • Must have the time to be devoted. (There will be dead-lines but we can discuss your availability)
  • You cannot use CC. (Custom Content/Mods/Hacks)
  • Must have fun!


  • What's your age? (DON'T ANSWER!)


  • What's object data?


  • What's your Timezone? (What country do you live in)


  • Do you work, attend school or both? (Just write one)


  • What's wrong with Lyla Grunt? (Tell me in full detail)


(You must fill in every question and post them below)

Any questions? Just ask below!

Regards, PJ

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