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I'm SOOO Sorry!

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for just leaving like that. It was uncalled for, I know, you can send me hateful messages all you want. But a lot of readers (like two) expressed genuine concern when I left TSW. But I just wanted to remind everyone that I am like a weed or toe fungus: very difficult to eradicate. So I'm back, I'm going to try to get more The Good Ones out, finish my Villianne Chronicles *sigh* and whatever.

I feel like such a jerk, just leaving! But I have good reason. I got back to school just after I came back from vacation, and the day before school started I got a Minecraft account (YAYYYYEEEEEE) which I am really excited about. Say hi if you see ShadoWolff13 on a Multiplayer server PLEASE! I've been so busy studying and what not, and I am really sorry for leaving you guys so suddenly. Please forgive me in the comments section below!!!

Yours truly, PGR7 (habla - escuchar)

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