Hello, once again. I'm experiencing some technical difficulties with my TS3 game, and I would appreciate some help.

So, I registered an account on the Sims 3 website, or the Excahnge or whatever, and I downloaded some sims for my game so that I could get custom clothing and hairstyles.

But now, for some reason, the game is glitching out!

So, I was making this family, called the McBobsons in Twinbrook. And somehow I got the outfit that makes you have a centaur body, and then I got a naked top and a naked bottom! It was so creepy! There's a little girl in my family, and somehow just wearing the pre-made child clothes gives her the glitch where she has the young adult body and the creepy curved arms...

In my family there's a mom, dad, teenage son, and the daughter. And in the family photo, everything looked right. But when I went to select my lot or house, the family photo showed it like this: the teen and the dad were standing in the marital stance, the daughter had become the teenager, and the mom had completely vanished. I'm probably going to delete all of the custom content, but why is this happening to me?