Okay, I know that this is random, but a lot of people have opinions about story progression on Sims games. It's my frenemy.

I happen to like/hate story progression. I have Sims installed on two computers. One has no EPs, and the other has all of mine. Beware: story upcoming.

On my no EP game, I played the Wolffs, who let the Roomies into their house when the Roomies house burned down. Since I hold a personal grudge against the Roomies and Thornton, I had Thorton cheat on Morgana with Vita Alto right in front of her. Thornton broke up with Vita and Morgana on the same day. But the point of this story is that after they broke up, Morgana moved out. After moving out, Tamara and Stiles got engaged, Cycl0n3 and Emma got married (which is weird as they live in the same house, which doesn't happen too often), Nick got Vita pregnant (she's in maternity clothes), as did Nancy with Geoffrey. Simons and Jocasta have a new baby girl named Allyson, and the Harts have a baby boy named Reginald. After their first baby (Ernesto) was born, Justine and Marty got another son, a baby named Jabari (blame story progression for the ****** name). Agnes got a job, and all the people in the Wolff household (with Thornton, Morgana changed her last name to Foxx) quit their jobs. Pauline and Hank broke up after Hank was caught with Blair Wainright, and Erin Kennedy broke up with her boyfriend Connor Frio.

However, I dislike story progression due to the fact that it moves in those ANNOYING FRIGGIN PEOPLE INTO SOME RANDOM HOUSE! Raaaawr!

If anybody is reading, please leave your opinion. I'd like to hear what other users think. :)

Sincerely, PGR7 (habla - escuchar)