As you can probably tell from the blog title, the Fanon Logo Contest has begun! I've decided to create an individual blog for this, and I will soon explain why. While the Fanon Logo Contest was originally held from February 22, 2011, to March 10, 2011, it was a huge failure. Only two users submitted logos, and few users actually voted. One logo was chosen, but many other users didn't like it, and felt that due to the lack of submissions, they were unable to find a logo that they favored. Well, I have restarted the Fanon Logo Contest, but this time, I hope for it to be a success. So, I created this blog post to raise awareness for the contest, since many users didn't even know it happened in the first place. In an attempt to make the contest much more fair to the users submitting their logos, the contest has been split into two different periods. The first period, which will last from March 30, 2011, to April 30, 2011, will be the pre-voting period, where users can submit their logos with a much more peace of mind, since they will still have a fair chance in the contest, as voting hasn't begun yet. The second period, lasting from May 1, 2011, to May 31, 2011, will be the voting period, where users will be able to vote for the logo they would like the most for the Fanon Namespace. Users are strongly encouraged to participate in the contest, it wouldn't be a fair community contest if you guys didn't participate! ;)

Make sure you stay updated to see which logo wins! —Random Ranaun (Talk to me!) 05:50, March 30, 2011 (UTC)