There have been a few recent events on The Sims Wiki. Here is a list and summary of each.


The Tutorial Namespace has been created! The Tutorial Namespace is the area of the wiki specifically for tutorials, walkthroughs, guides, how-tos, and tips. Various tutorials have been created, and there are sections that primarily focus on The Sims tutorials, The Sims 2 tutorials, and The Sims 3 tutorials. Users are encouraged to write tutorials about the games. Organized, easily understandable, and otherwise outstanding tutorials will be featured on the Tutorial namespace.

The Fanon Logo Contest

The Fanon Logo Contest is now open! The Fanon Logo contest, like the regular Logo Contest, is a contest where users can submit entries for the logo of the Fanon side of the wiki. User are able to vote for which logo they like the most. The logo with the most votes wins, and will be displayed on the Fanon Portal and take the place of the regular logo on Fanon pages. The only logos submitted right now are Bleeh's and DarthCookie's, so other users are encouraged to submit any idea they have for the Fanon Logo (as long as it follows the entry rules).


There have been a few merges proposed recently.

Merge with The Sims Medieval Wiki

LostInRiverview proposed at The Sims Medieval Wiki's Community Portal that there should be a merge between The Sims Wiki and The Sims Medieval Wiki. The proposal received support from TSMW Community, so, LostInRiverview proposed the merge here at our Community Portal. It received support here as well, and now the Wiki's are in the midst of merging.

Merge with The Sims Fanon Wiki

After the creation of the Fanon Namespace, a few users began to worry about the fate of The Sims Fanon Wiki, since The Sims Wiki is much more popular and well-known. After a few discussions, an official merge proposal was created at our Community Portal, and The Sims Fanon Wiki's Community Portal. Currently, the proposals are receiving general support, and it is very likely that a merge will happen.

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