Chapter 1: New beginnings

Alfredo moved into a small home in sunset valley his hometown after years of being in another town. Alot has changed for him since he moved in such as the Alto's moving in and his friend Marty was expecting a child. Also his old romance Ayesha has turned out to be a lesbian. Alfredo didn't really care. Alfredo was a musician. He mastered the guitar skill pretty quickly because of his virtuoso trait. He got a job as a fan in the music industry. He quickly rose to the top. While he was there he met Morgana Wolff.

Chapter 2:Morgana

Morgana was a woman he met at the art gallery. She usually went there alone as she thought her husband was "working" but in reality he was having a fling with her boss Jamie Jolina. So when Morgana and Alfredo were talking, turns out they both have the same intrests and both like art. But one day when Morgana went home, she caught him and Jamie together. So she immediately left him and moved in to Alfredo's place as there was enough room. So Alfredo and Morgana began living together. Morgana also got a new job as a police officer in the local police department after quitting her old job in the medical career because she did not like her boss Jamie Jolina. She liked her new boss Justine Keaton though. So Morgana and Alfredo were working their jobs until one night they went to the pub and got drunk and they woohooed in the elevator of a local bar. Then a few days later baby bump for Morgana.