Hey everyone! This is my first blog entry (ever!) so I am very new to this and don't really know evrything there is to creating a smashiin blog. But here today I have chosen to talk about The Sims 3, NDS platform. I'm actually in waiting for an ipod touch 4, so that I can buy all the Sims collection on itunes and see how that goes, and report it here. I've only got TS3 (The Sims 3, it's much eaiser to write as TS3) for my DS, and so far my first saved file Sims have been alive for 83 Sim days, which is something like five Sim days in one normal day if you just sit down and play it.

My first Sim on TS3's game is Vanessa Trippet, she's got green eyes long black hair pale complexion and a purple top hat. For this game, there's not really any styles of hair, face shapes, clothes, body shapes etc. It's quite frustrating and dissapoiinting. I've been told that there are more choices in TS3 game for computer.

She moved into a house called 'The Eerie Edifice', which has views of the cemetary and the Science Faculty not too far away. On the first day I had this game, she met a man named Toby Basset, married him and he moved in with her. She got a job in the Culinary stream, but shortly after quit due to laziness.

Vanessa applied for a job at the Police Station, and was successfully accepted. Toby continued his day, leaving in the middle of a long sleep to go to work. At first I wondered where he was going, I though he couldn't stand Vanessa anymore. But I clicked his picture down the bottom and found him again, at the Sports Stadium "Going To Work". He returned and stood outside after coming home.

Twenty Sim days later, tragedy struck. Vanessa came home one day from work and saw Toby with Pricilla Tanner in the kitchen, and Toby was kissing her and flirting with her. Vanessa was furious! She tussled with Pricilla and threw Toby out, and more than half her bank account went with him, leaving her with 17 simoleons.

Life was hard after that. It was really hard for Vanessa to come by the simplest Sims needs, like finding a shower or a toilet after having to empty and sell everything in the house to earn some moolah. That dwindled down quite rapidly, so she ended up selling the house, wall by wall. She also missed Toby, too. I know, I know, Sims on TS3 DS don't have thought bubbles above their heads containing faces of their loved ones like the other games do, but she seemed to stop going to work after the "Disable Sims Free Will" was deselected. She should have been going to work by herself, but after I checked her work info, it was empty, except for a chilling word.


Vanessa somehow quit her job, or got a demotion and was fired. But I doubt that. She was there on time, and always was in a great mood. Life with Toby made everything better, there was always food in her tummy and green in her pockets. She missed him, so one day I had a though to make them re-marry. It worked, but now I have to make his skill points grow again and help him earn those promotions lost. So far, Vanessa's life was back in buisiness.

Okay guys, time to go! See next time for my next blog about Vanessa and Toby ;)

(Editor's Note: Sims in TS3 NDS cannot have babies at all, not even adopt a child.)