Hi bloggers;)

How've you all been? I hope you are feeling well and are very happy. Let's continue where we left off yesterday, reading about Vanessa's life back with Toby.

It felt like her life was back in buisness. Vanessa attended her job every work day required, served dinner to Toby almost every night, fished in the pond in her spare time and tried again and again apologizing to Pricilla. She earnt the green that lined and overflowed her wallet, she jogged around town to be fit, she even brushed up on her skills. It seemed as though Toby had changed, too.

When Vanessa called Pricilla over to her house to try to apologize to her again, Toby came outside and told Pricilla a joke. Vanessa was going to insult her, but she was too engrossed in Toby's brags to listen to her. Until Toby finished bragging, he then mocked Pricilla's vegitarism and insulted her. Vanessa gave an amorous hug to Toby, and left to have a bubble bath.

Then it was Toby's time to shine.

He didn't apologize and kiss her as I thought he would, he kept insulting her, until it came to the point where they tussled. Bruised and battered, they declared each other enemies and parted ways. Toby found Vanessa sleeping in the bed, and so he decided to violently awake her by playing his video game. She was quite annoyed.

Vanessa went to her wardrobe and put on some warmer clothes (old joggers, grey trackpants and a blouse) and went outside to seach the galaxy though their telescope. She found two celestial bodies that the Science Faculty deemed "already discovered" and a molten rock that earned her $55 Simoleons, and it was that moment when she got a wish to Reach Level 9 of Foresic Career. I added it, as another one came up. Make Enemies with Toby. I added that too, feeling sad for her. Why would she want to level up in her career when she'd just earned a promotion? But now I understand why. And why would she want to make enemies with Toby when their relationship was like glue? Crazy Sims want for Crazy things. Especially if their traits are;

Childish;Flirty;Neurotic;Brave liike Vanessa's.

Vanessa, after that, decided to have a try at making some Stu Suprise. It turned out 'Disgusting' due to her low Cooking skills, and she recieved a negative moodlet saying Uneven Cooking. She still ate it, anyways. When I checked on Toby he was sleeping in bed and I thought I'd give him the taste of some sweet revenge. Vanessa turned on the Wall Mounted T.V and started watching the Horror Channel, and Toby angrily ruffled out of bed with an alarm clock above his head.

"Rude Awaking" it said, a negative moodlet.

Nothing much happened after that, just that Toby went and a shower, and Vanessa made the bed. So far in that short day, Pricialla never came back nor walked past their house again. But Vanessa and Toby still seem to be playing tricks on each other, like taking multiple baths or trips to the toilet and not letting the other person enter the bathroom, turning the T.V on and leaving the room while the other one is sleeping.. etc.

Will Vanessa prove her skills to her Boss and earn a promotion, or slowly fail at it? Will Toby and Vanessa continue tricking each other until one of them calls the whole thing off? What will happen to them?

Find out next blog and until then;; Peaace Out! ;)

(Editors Note: If you too play TS3 NDS and think I am wrong by advising that my Sims do everything they do by themselves, I add them to the Action Que sometimes. Other times they do things upon themseleves, alas the Sims Free Will.)