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  • Rizkirafu

    In A Sim's Tale: Book 1, we knew that Sunset Valley's citizen had split in two sides due to inauguration day. Those who supported Vita's revolutionary plan to changed Sunset Valley to became a modern city and those who wanted to kept the town to be a quiet and peaceful with Nancy.

    This is the picture of both sides.

    List of known Vita's supporters (as seen in the picture):

    • Thornton Wolff (leader)
    • Beau Andrews
    • Jared Frio
    • Agnes Crumplebottom
    • Erin Kennedy
    • Stiles McGraw
    • Xander Clavell

    List of known Nancy's supporters (as seen in the picture)

    • Dieter Curtiz (leader)
    • Gobias Koffi
    • Ethan Bunch
    • Buster Clavell
    • Jamie Jolina
    • Leighton Sekemoto
    • Justine Keaton

    For addition, Simis Bachelor and his family eventually joined Nancy's side since he thought that there would be pro…

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  • Rizkirafu

    I was finally trying to play TS4. Well, at first, I thought it was a "Bug-free" game until I found these:

    1. "Incest" relationship.

    This happens several times after I loaded my game.

    2. Looks like Leona is too desperate so she forgot to took off her clothes while bath.

    Do you guys also have this kind of problem in your sims 4? Let me know by add your comment below.

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  • Rizkirafu

    • John had conflict with his father, Thomas
    • Events in Book 1
      • Vita Alto died
      • Nick Alto arrested
      • Nancy Landgraab became mayor.
      • Flamenco Caliente died
      • John Redfield became a City Council Member
    • John reconciled with his father
    • The Calientes moved to Sunset Valley, Dina met Leona for the first time.

    • Holly Alto and Michael Bachelor enrolled in Sim University

    • Nick Alto died

    • Leona, Jean, and their friends and became middle school students.
    • Chris grown into a child and entered the elementary school.

    • Holly graduated from Sim University
      • Holly moved to Bridgeport and became a businesswoman.

    • Leona, Jean, and their friends became high school student.
      • Leona and Dina joined the high school's women basket ball team
        • Leona and Dina fight and became enemies.
    • Nancy resigned from …

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  • Rizkirafu

    The Simstagram

    April 20, 2016 by Rizkirafu

    Here's Simstagram, a fictional social media I made as parody of Instagram. Just like Instagram, all users can upload their photos and videos.

    These are Simstagram pages of Leona, Jean, Chris, and Charlie respectively.

    (UPDATE: Astrid's Simstagram)

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  • Rizkirafu

    Well, since A Sim's Tale: Book 2 is already reach its "final phase" and will be end soon, I already make script for a third entry.

    Unlike Book 2, it seems that the story will be focuses on one protagonist. I must admit that I face many problems when writting Book 2, it was forcing me to went on hiatus for a month to fix the mistakes, including changing the story in chapter 18. I feel that Book 2 is not the best story I ever made, Unlike Book 1 which nominated in SimPen twice.

    Making Jean Redfield to be has relationship with Trigger Broke is my biggest mistake, since Trigger even didn't physically appear and in my actual game, Jean is dating Alex for real. Yeah, most chapters I made in both Book 1 and Book 2 didn't follow the actual event in …

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