• John had conflict with his father, Thomas
  • Events in Book 1
    • Vita Alto died
    • Nick Alto arrested
    • Nancy Landgraab became mayor.
    • Flamenco Caliente died
    • John Redfield became a City Council Member
  • John reconciled with his father
  • The Calientes moved to Sunset Valley, Dina met Leona for the first time.


  • Holly Alto and Michael Bachelor enrolled in Sim University


  • Nick Alto died


  • Leona, Jean, and their friends and became middle school students.
  • Chris grown into a child and entered the elementary school.


  • Holly graduated from Sim University
    • Holly moved to Bridgeport and became a businesswoman.


  • Leona, Jean, and their friends became high school student.
    • Leona and Dina joined the high school's women basket ball team
      • Leona and Dina fight and became enemies.
  • Nancy resigned from her mayor position
  • John became local representative


  • Lily got promotion as pastry-cheff
  • Peter Manhattan got an accident


  • Jean selected to participated in student-exchange program for one month in france
    • Jean was dating Trigger Broke from Riverview.
  • Events in Book 2
    • Chris met Tamera for the first time
      • Chris found a mysterious doll
    • The Redfields reunited with the Delgados
    • The doll became alive and named by Chris as "Charlie Redfield"
    • Jean returned from France
      • Jean broke up with Trigger
    • Events in A Sim's Tale: The Equestrian
      • Eliza met Holly
      • Eliza won the race competition
    • Chris begun a quest to find rainbow gem
    • The Prom Night
      • Leona and Enrico became a couple
      • A fire occurred in the prom
    • Leona and Dina reconciled, ending their feud.
    • The Curtiz family moved to another town
    • Charlie became a human
  • The events in If Astrid Met Leona
    • Astrid and her family moved to Sunset Valley
      • Astrid met and befriend Leona.
  • Lance Lewis' debut as a singer.
  • Annie Delgado's debut as commercial actor


  • Kaylynn and Malcolm graduated from high school
    • Kaylynn enrolled in Academia Le Toure
    • Macolm enrolled in Sim State University
  • Alex enrolled in Military School


  • Chris and Charlie became middle school student
  • Leona, Jean, and their other friends graduated from high school
    • Leona, Jean, Astrid, and Bella enrolled in Sims University
    • Mortimer enrolled in Sim State University.
    • Dina and Nina enrolled in an unknown university
  • Alex graduated from the Military School
    • Alex's family was robbed
    • Alex enrolled in an unknown university


  • John became mayor of Sunset Valley


  • Events in Book 3
    • Chris, Charlie, and their other friends became high school student
    • Lance Lewis moved to Sunset Valley
    • Alex visited Sims University
    • Leona, Jean, and the others returned to Sunset Valley for their semester break
    • Alex visited Sunset Valley
      • Alex and Jean reunited