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Random Post: Problem I had with Sim's Tale: Book 2 (+ teaser for Sim's Tale: Book 3)

Well, since A Sim's Tale: Book 2 is already reach its "final phase" and will be end soon, I already make script for a third entry.

Unlike Book 2, it seems that the story will be focuses on one protagonist. I must admit that I face many problems when writting Book 2, it was forcing me to went on hiatus for a month to fix the mistakes, including changing the story in chapter 18. I feel that Book 2 is not the best story I ever made, Unlike Book 1 which nominated in SimPen twice.

Making Jean Redfield to be has relationship with Trigger Broke is my biggest mistake, since Trigger even didn't physically appear and in my actual game, Jean is dating Alex for real. Yeah, most chapters I made in both Book 1 and Book 2 didn't follow the actual event in the game (I'm sure many users also didn't really follow the actual event occured in their game when they writte their fanon).

And, yeah, back to Book 3, here some teasers about the characters that will appear in Book 3, off course there will be more. (Notes: these are not the final designs of the characters, some might be changed)


More Characters (Notes: these are not the final designs of the characters, some might be changed)

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